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Seasons of the Proms 05-18-2017

From stretch limos, fancy ballrooms, live bands, kings and queens, dresses, and flowers worthy of movie stars “The Prom” launches you into the next chapter of your life.

Traditional corsages or wristbands of roses, baby’s breath, or orchids are available in the price range of $15 to $22. These corsages are simple and elegant and often complement or match your dress. For a more adventurous, bright, and flamboyant look choose a corsage that contrasts with your dress (i.e. hot pink on a bright orange dress) and add feathers, beads and wires to complete your look.

Another trend for 2017 is headbands and floral rings. Celebrate your coming of age in style this year with Floral Buds & Design.

2017 Corsage Designs 05-17-2017